About Us

Dr. Shanhong Lu, MD, PhD

Dr. Lu MD., PHD. comes from three generations of healers. Her grandmother was a Chinese medicine doctor, her mother is cardiologist, and she is an Internal Medicine Doctor with a PHD in Human Physiology and postdoctoral fellowship in Genetics of Hypertension. 15 years ago she had the breakthrough discovery that most of the medical and natural health community are overlooking the destructive effects that the 80,000 environmental toxins have on our bodies and minds.in Human Physiology and postdoctoral fellowship in Genetics of hypertension.

Her healing program works by systemically eliminating the key root obstacles that prevent the body’s intuitive self-healing process to take place. We take in more harmful toxins in one day, than our grandparents did in their entire lifetime. It’s not enough to just eat organic food and filter our water; we need to “make the toxins in our bodies visible” through testing, and use provide simple solid strategy to safely eliminate them on a daily basis.

“Environmental Medicine is the true Anti-Aging Medicine.”

Jason Demchok

Jason started cooking at age five with his father, who used to take him to the markets from Little Italy to China Town in search of exotic spices and discovering new recipes to create at home. This passion to discover and perfect delicious tastes took Jason to 15 countries, studying with local chefs and grandmothers in each one.

While health was not really emphasized in his home, Jason’s grandfather owned one of the first health food stores in America. This exposure planted the seeds in his mind that “foods can either heal or harm”. After facing many physical and mental health issues, Jason dedicated his life to learning how to improve health without drugs. From travelling and reading about the longest lived people in the world, he realized that whole unprocessed fresh food prepared with love, was not just delicious, but a major factor in health and disease.

“Our most intimate relationship is with the 30 Trillion Microorganisms living in our gut. We have the choice to feed them what they want or not.”